The Bennabis Difference

  • What is an admitted carrier and why does that matter?

    An admitted carrier is licensed to transact business in a state as opposed to surplus lines carriers which do not retain certificates of authority but are allowed to write policies. The significant difference is that only insurance policies written by admitted carriers are protected by the state’s guaranty fund. So only policyholders of an admitted carrier are covered by the state’s guaranty fund for outstanding claims should an insurance company be deemed insolvent. Policyholders of a surplus lines carrier do not have this protection. Bennabis is an admitted carrier. Most insurance companies in the cannabis industry are surplus lines carriers.
  • How is occurrence-based insurance different from claims-made?

    Simply put, occurrence-based policies are simpler and offer you more peace of mind. You are protected for covered losses as long as the loss happened during the time your policy was active. A distinct advantage of an occurrence policy is that it covers claims filed many years after the policy has expired. For example, if a covered event occurs during your policy period but the lawsuit arising out of that event doesn’t happen until two years after the policy period has ended, an occurrence policy covers that. A claims-made policy does not. Claims-made policies only cover claims that actually happen during the policy period.
  • What are your loss prevention services?

    What sets Bennabis apart is its built-in expertise, combining experienced cannabis industry executives with experienced insurance executives. We will use our built-in knowledge of the cannabis industry to review best practices with each of our policyholders to reduce risk and manage it well, so that risk to operations and the plants themselves from fire, theft and other covered perils is most advantageous to our policyholders and, therefore, to Bennabis. We will also use best practices gained from our experience in cultivation, processing and dispensing to inform our policyholders and reduce liability risk, both premises and product.

Coverage and Application

  • Do I have to use a broker/producer to obtain coverage?

    No, you need not use a broker or producer.  You may request an online quote here (make this a hyperlink to quote system) and a representative from Bennabis will review the information submitted and provide you with a quote within XX days. If you would prefer to consult with a broker or producer, please click here (hyperlink) to find a local office to assist you.
  • What types of coverage do you offer?

    General Liability
    Product Liability
    Indoor Crop
    Stock & Inventory, Including Goods-In-Process
    Business Interruption
    Indoor Marine
    Details for all of our coverage’s can be found here.
  • In which states do you offer coverage?

    Bennabis plans to begin writing policies in Illinois on January 1, 2021 and will expand into Michigan, Massachusetts, Florida and Maryland during 2021.  Need Bennabis in your state? Please e-mail us at with the state you are in and the coverage you are seeking and we will update you when Bennabis offers coverage in your area.
  • Do you cover both medical and recreational facilities and businesses?

    Yes! Bennabis covers both medical and adult use marijuana facilities and businesses.
  • Do you cover hemp or CBD?

    No, Bennabis does not cover hemp or CBD at this time but may in the coming months. Please e-mail us at with the type of coverage required and we will update you when Bennabis offers that coverage.
  • Do you cover outdoor crops?

    No, Bennabis does not cover outdoor crops.
  • Do you offer commercial auto coverage?

    No, Bennabis does not offer commercial auto coverage at this time but may in the coming months. Please e-mail us at with the type of coverage required and we will update you when Bennabis offers that coverage.

Billing & Payment

  • Can I make an online payment?

    Online payments currently are not an option but may be in the future.  Please contact a Bennabis representative here or your broker/producer for details on making payments.
  • Do you offer payment installment plans?

    Yes, please contact a Bennabis representative here or your broker/producer for details on an installment plan.


  • Can I access my policy information on-line?

    At this time, online access is not available.  Improving technology is an ongoing process at Bennabis and we will update our website and our customers as additional services and on-line options are available.
  • Where can I obtain policy documents?

    Please contact Bennabis here and we will be happy to provide you with any documentation needed.  If you secured your policy through a broker or producer, please feel free to contact that office directly for assistance.