Bennabis is dedicated to filling the needs of the cannabis industry, particularly those in the industry who touch the plant, from seed to sale. We understand the nature of the cannabis business and are here to help you mitigate the risks.  Let us cover all your cannabis company insurance needs.


Bennabis serves the unique needs of cultivators who face perils such as fire, robbery, product liability, equipment breakdown and damage to all stages of their product.


Bennabis serves the particular needs of dispensaries with our general liability, property, business interruption and product liability coverages.

Processors / Manufacturers

Bennabis recognizes the special challenges plant touching businesses like processors and manufacturers face in meeting the regulations that do not pose a difficulty for ordinary businesses. Providing products to consumers leaves companies open to potentially crippling product liability exposure. Product liability coverage is one of the many coverages Bennabis provides.


Bennabis provides testing labs with the general liability insurance it needs to get the job done.